Anonymous 1 0 Tweet Hi, the apps are not available on 2012 models yet until May / June 2012.source: I have just purchased a regza

I wish I had bought a non-smart version with exactly the same specifications and inputs.0Comment| 9 people found this helpful. Was thinking of purchasing a Chrome dongle which I think will enable my Android Tablet to link wirelessly with the Samsung Television. On 1st set up, iPlayer would not play any, and I do mean any, programme and that the error could be resolved by choosing something else! Now Tv The only platform I'm having problems with is the Samsung. (Ok on all others) It seems many others are also, so may be an issue on BBC/ Samsungs end?

So your TV display will still be perfectly functional at a time when the smart bits are either superceded or taken away from you altogether. They'd have meetings about meetings. Report this comment Disgruntled BT Vison User says: June 10th, 2014 Worst still is when they can send a remote control "kill signal" to your device to stop it from working Though this is frustrating, the TV is technically still ‘as sold'.

Going into Toshiba Places gets me a BBC iPlayer icon but selecting this only gives me a message that access to the Player is only available via the menu - Connected This was an app that was advertised to me when I purchased the TV & I'm interested to read here that the Apps disappear & the TV manufacturers will only purchase Will this solve the problem via my laptop?